Aaron Scythe

Aaron is both a painter and a ceramist. His work reflects his Māori heritage, his passion for Japanese ceramic traditions and the many years he spent studying and living in Japan.

Scythe’s many different ceramic forms express the Oribe way of working first developed in the 16th Century: an aesthetic of flawed beauty paying homage to humble Japanese traditions. He aims to produce work that is affordable, functional and aesthetically beautiful.

Scythe’s work has been exhibited in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and throughout New Zealand.

The text, symbolism and imagery Scythe uses on his work is a synthesis of both traditional Japanese culture, Māori proverbs and the words of Māori prophets:

Tui tui tuia- sew sew sew together. It’s a Rātana quote but I think it reflects on how I am trying to sew all my influences, feeling, inspiration and new homeland togetherinto my pieces.

Aaron Scythe

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