Christine Thacker

A practicing ceramist since 1974, Thacker worked at Cambridgeshire Pottery in England in 1978– an experience which was to have a strong influence on her later work. After returning to New Zealand she established her own studio on Waiheke Island in1980 and is still based there today.

 n 1992 Thacker took up a residency at the International Ceramics Studio at Kecskemet in Hungary and since that time has gained a significant reputation exhibiting throughout New Zealand, Australia, Japan, England, Germany and Hungary.  

Thacker is known for her iconic jug forms and vessels - which she uses as three-dimensional canvases for her painterly narratives and mark-making. Her work and ideas are in constant flux with ideas created from one show leading onto the next.  

everything you make contains everything you have ever made, every aesthetic you have embraced and all you have rejected, all that you have learned and all you have forgotten.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Christine Thacker
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