Kate Alterio

Kate Alterio is an artist working across a variety of mediums. Her working practice currently encompasses jewellery making, photography and sculpture.

Largely self-taught, but inspired by a number of talented mentors, Alterio says her family upbringing made jewellery a natural choice for her. Her father was a welder with many practical skills and her mother a writer and story-teller who nurtured her creativity.

Alterio’s work is a precise and controlled expression of ideas that often explore the relationships between ego and consciousness, duality and paradox, and liminality and transformative processes.

At times, different media and themes cross over or respond to each other in ways that inspire new directions or suggest solutions to technical challenges. The act of creation requires faith. Often there is an unfolding journey that I must trust in and surrender to. My intention is to create a sense of stillness and potency in my work that invites viewers to feel a corresponding resonance within themselves.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Kate Alterio

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