Kobi Bosshard

Affectionately known as the father of contemporary jewellery in New Zealand, Kobi Bosshard was born in Switzerland in 1939.

A third-generation goldsmith, he came to New Zealand in 1961 working initially as an alpine guide before returning to his first love of jewellery-making. In the ensuing years Bosshard went on to develop his distinctive style of timeless contemporary jewellery which has become much loved by generations of New Zealanders.

The significance of Bosshard’s work was the subject of the Damian Skinner book Kobi Bosshard: Goldsmith in 2012 and the feature film Kobi in 2017 and showcased in a major survey exhibition which toured New Zealand in 2012-13.

My ideas around my jewellery-making have evolved and developed during my life. The forms I create have been pared back and simplified over time. My way of working with the material has become more direct, using the absolute minimum of equipment…hammer, anvil, file and saw…to achieve an expression that is honest, intimate and lacking pretentiousness.The way I make it makes it mine…
If I can make something that moves somebody else or creates the desire in someone else to like and wear my jewellery, I have been successful.   
Kobi Bosshard                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
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